MB-Lab 1.7.8

  • MB-Dev framework added
  • Hair Engine now adds hair shaders to Cycles and EEVEE
  • MBLabSkin2 uses Principled BSDF yet again
  • Bump map remade, Thickness map removed
  • Modified skin oil maps
  • Slight GUI change to the Asset and Hair box
  • Eyelash shader now has bump and gloss
  • ExpressionEngine class now in it’s own file
  • Blush map converted to grayscale
  • Modified Albedo maps
  • Bump maps now 4k resolution
  • Modified Freckle masks
  • Modified Material Engine
  • Changed lighting code, now lights are added via Python
  • Poses don’t show when user selects IK model
  • Preserve Phenotype random function code fix
  • Typo: Hands_Lenght, fixed in transformation and measurements JSON
  • MBLab Pupil shader uses Diffuse Node instead of Emission
  • “Standard” pose added to the rest pose presets
  • Hair Dynamics bug fix for Nvidia GPU cards
  • SSS Radius changed to more accurate values
  • Freckles now include two colors

MB-Lab 1.7.7

  • Blender 2.81.16 required for MB-Lab 1.7.7
  • Hair Engine added
  • Human Rotation limits added
  • Afro Female now the default character on startup
  • Certain bones have to be precisely aligned to the rotation of a specific other bone, which required new code.
  • Stretch to has to be applied to the muscle bones while fitting.
  • B-Bone handles and certain constraints have to be fixed in the library file via a script.
  • Replaced obj.hide_select = False with obj.hide_set(False) fixing Age update bug.
  • Minor GUI edits to fix drawing issues.
  • Updated GUI
  • Eye Displacement bug fixed
  • IK and Muscle / IK bug fixed
  • Fixed Bump and Displacement issues in MBLab_Skin2

MB-Lab 1.7.6

  • Latino model type added
  • South American phenotype added
  • New Skin shader, MBLab Skin 2 added
  • New Nail shader added
  • Improved Tongue shader
  • Skin tone maps based on character selection added
  • New texture masks for procedural elements in MBLabSkin2 added
  • Edited Freckle masks
  • Removed Specular, SSS, Roughness from texture maps
  • Changed structure of humanoid_library.blend
  • Added model license types in character selection menu
  • Alphabetized the characters list
  • Added model license types in character selection menu
  • Fixed MBLab_fur for EEVEE, renamed to MBLab_eyelash

MB-Lab 1.7.5

  • Added icons and modified GUI
  • Tongue shader added
  • Save and Load Bone rotation offsets to file
  • Face Rig updated
  • Improved Iris shader
  • Changed descriptions for male and female elf and dwarf characters
  • Changed Blender minimum version to 2.80.74
  • Removed Buggy message from Muscle checkbox because the Blender bug has been fixed
  • Changed CREATION TOOLS in GUI to CREATION OPTIONS at startup
  • Documentation updates
  • Changed characters_config.json for tongue shader
  • Rebuilt humanoid_library.blend for Blender 2.80
  • Reduced SSS value for EEVEE in human skin shader
  • Fixed API change ‘bpy.context.scene.update()’ to ‘bpy.context.view_layer.update()’ in animationengine.py fixing BVH import bug
  • Gloss fix for EEVEE in human skin shader
  • Muscle FK and IK, Skeleton FK and IK roll fixes for various bones in armatures
  • Edited bump maps

MB-Lab 1.7.4

  • New Procedural Eye shaders
  • New Texture Mask for freckles
  • Deleted Principled BSDF shader networks for custom surface shaders
  • Minor GUI edits
  • Edited Bump and Albedo texture maps
  • Changed scaling of sub dermal map
  • Updated Material Engine code for texture masks
  • Added bug warning to Muscle checkbox
  • When transferring weights for proxying, check the vertex is in the group
  • Changed lighting setup using Area lights
  • Set lighting setup default to False, fixing a minor startup bug

MB-Lab 1.7.3

  • Added Auto-Updater by CGCookie
  • Fixed logging errors left over from original code

MB-Lab 1.7.2

  • Changed Diffuse to Albedo in shaders and textures to reflect current shader terminology
  • New Roughness Map
  • Added Feet / Inches display in Body Measures panel
  • New Docs made with Sphinx

MB-Lab 1.7.1b

  • Replace algorithms.print_log_report by python standard logging
  • Use numpy to to calculate_disp_pixel
  • Code cleanup
  • Fixed a spelling typo in facerig.populate_modifiers
  • Finalize character fix
  • Remove ‘self’ from args
  • Moved is_ik_armature, get_active_armature, get_deforming_armature, get_object_parent to utils.py
  • init.py uses get_active_armature and is_ik_armature from utils (previous was algorithms that wasn’t imported)
  • Armature Toe Bone flipped pose bug fixed
  • Proxy Fitting was broken, now it is fixed
  • morphengine.py and humanoid.py reverted back to 1.7.0 version with logging added

MB-Lab 1.7.1

  • New Facial Rig connected to shapekeys
  • EEVEE and CYCLES specific shading networks
  • New Clothes in the Assets directory ready to be added to proxies
  • EEVEE Eye shader darker than normal trying to find a fix

MB-Lab 1.7.0b

  • Fixed texture map lookup bug for Anime characters
  • Fixed a bug with unregistering the add-on
  • Anime skin and eye shaders now grouped up
  • Moved Dermal and Displacement image import / export to File Tools
  • Changed and added missing descriptions

MB-Lab 1.7.0

  • Blender 2.80 Beta code port
  • Minor shader node edit to eyes to bring out iris more in renders
  • Changes in bump mapping, now uses both procedural and texture map
  • Removed skin age
  • New SSS Scalable vector node, brings scalable SSS to Principled BSDF
  • New bump texture map
  • New eye diffuse map for all realistic models

MB-Lab 1.6.5

  • New shading network based on Principled BSDF for skin, eyes and teeth
  • New texture maps for specular and subdermal
  • Additional code to load new texture maps into the right image texture node
  • Added references to new texture maps for all character types
  • Changed Skin Editor values to reflect new PBR shading network

MB-Lab 1.6.4

  • Minor edits to skin bump mapping
  • Eye shader node tweek
  • Procedural freckle generator, basic functionality
  • Freckles editable in Skin Editor

MB-Lab 1.6.3

  • Changed button labels to be more uniform
  • Minor edits to shader networks
  • Basic procedural pore and skin cell bump mapping
  • Third layer of SSS added to simulate sub-dermal tissue

MB-Lab 1.6.2

  • New layer of SSS added to skin shader
  • Grouped Skin, Eye and Teeth shader networks into easy to edit nodes
  • Modified Eye shader, added Diffuse and Glossy network
  • Modified Eye shader to reduce red fireflies artifact
  • Changed identity, version number, wiki and issue tracker URL
  • Changed Blender version from 2,7,9 to 2,79,0