Hair System

The new Hair Engine allows the ability to add particle hair to a MB-Lab character after finalization.


The particle hair can be accessed in ASSETS AND HAIR.



  • Add hair from selected polygons.

This adds the ability to create custom hair objects on virtually any part of the body.

  • Add unlimited hair objects.

You can add as many particle Hair systems as you want!

How to add Hair

  1. Create and FINALIZE the character model. Adding the Hair Engine only works on FINALIZED models, just like the other assets.
  2. Click on ASSETS AND HAIR in the MB-Lab GUI
  1. Click on Particle Hair
  1. Done!

After this you can groom the particle hair as you please, using the standard Blender tools.

How to add Hair to Selected Polygons

This is another feature of the Hair Engine that allows you to add particle hair to selected ploygons of a MB-Lab character.

  1. In EDIT mode, select the polygons you want to add Hair to
  1. Click on Hair from Selected
  1. Done!

Again you can groom the hair system using the Blender tools


Add more Hair!



The Hair Engine is a brand new feature and is evolving at a fast pace, expect the code to change

Currently there is no shader assigned to the Hair system upon creation, this is actively being worked on and should appear soon.